Dec. 3: “The Green New Deal”

Join us Tuesday Dec. 3 from 7 – 8:15 p.m. for Part Two of our 8 part series, “Defining the Green New Deal.”

Dr. Patrick Murray is the second speaker in our series on the “Green New Deal.”  He is the convener of the NEO Coalition for a Green New Deal and is a member of the steering committee of the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus. Patrick has worked throughout his life on social, economic, and racial justice.  For the past 8 years he has added climate justice to his work. Patrick was a medical doctor at MetroHealth for 26 years. He lives in the Edgewater/Cudell neighborhood of Cleveland.  

There are two sets of goals in House Resolution 109, also known as the “Green New Deal”. The “GREEN” goals which have to do with clean energy production, sustainable agriculture, and drastically reducing our carbon emissions, and the “NEW DEAL” goals which focus on solutions to our societal problems of poverty, unaffordable healthcare, and crumbling communities. Please join us to learn how goals for a low carbon future are interconnected with goals for a just society.

West Shore FaCT – Faith Communities Together for a Sustainable Future 
West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church  
20401 Hilliard Boulevard 
Rocky River, Ohio 44116 

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