Anti-Protest Bill – Ohio’s HB22

Friday, April 23, 2021

Josh Lederman, NBC News Correspondent, who was in Columbus in connection with HB22, made two powerful points tonight on Washington Week in Review.

One, he said HB22 — and similar bills by Republican legislatures elsewhere — are being put forth even though police themselves are not saying they need such legislation. If indeed police officers and police unions haven’t spoken out on HB22, that certainly leaves a curious void that makes the bill seem even less necessary than ever.

Two, Lederman said that what HB22 is about is Republicans courting their base, about politics above all — that they see HB22 as something that will rebound to their benefit by resonating with their base. These are both strong points. Glad to see the issue taken up on national news!

Washington Week in Review (HB22 comments begin at 14 minutes)